Comments on: The Gift of Healing the practical spirituality of unconditional love Tue, 27 Jul 2010 11:12:14 +0000 hourly 1 By: angie Thu, 10 May 2007 13:56:29 +0000 hi i have aslso been touch by healing i seems to be telling every one in happiness as i feel so special wha do you think

By: Stan Wed, 10 Jan 2007 06:46:20 +0000 Dear visitors,
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By: Minister K Tue, 09 Jan 2007 21:29:31 +0000 Gary,

How do you know if you have the gift? I believe God is directing me towards a healinlg ministry. I’m not sure if it is my time. Can you provide some answers?

By: Marty Mon, 08 Jan 2007 21:12:50 +0000 Gary,
I so very much appreciate the testimony you’ve shared here. I too found you by searching for the gift of healing.
It is so true that the fundamental, essential element to healing is the unconditional love for people. I answered a call to the healing ministry a few years ago and the result is that my love and compassion for others has grown beyond what I’d ever imagined.
Again, thank you for this post – I feel a little less alone with the gracious gift of God.

By: Tawnya Ison Sun, 07 Jan 2007 05:23:35 +0000 I witness so much suffering each day at a nursing home where all are near death, some suffer a short time, while others suffer for long periods of time, even years, and I often wish I were gifted with healing, not so much to cure, for death is but rebirth, a blessed release, but simply to alleviate the suffering so many endure for so long. Is there a reason why some suffer so terribly and others do not? But then, I don’t suppose you would know. But I wonder about it.

By: Erica Hidvegi Thu, 07 Dec 2006 17:56:16 +0000 What a fantastic prose representation of the messengers we hear advising us to heed our ‘higher powers’ advice. It touched my heart to read yet another gifted soul who found their calling, from deep within their psychological motivations, to repair the connections between Spirit, Mind and Body. God is your friend and you have shared your relationship with the world.
Excellent !
sharing the light

By: Brandy Sun, 06 Aug 2006 08:02:22 +0000 Reading through this page has brought tears to my eyes. I was lead here to read this, of that I have no doubt. I’m exhausted and hurting, both physically and emotionally BUT I knew I needed to type ‘the gift of healing’ into the yahoo web search before I could go to bed. And this is the first place I wound up. I’ve been getting some signs that seem to be indicating that I’m supposed to be healing too.

I’ve found myself on a path of spiritual self-discovery and every time I discover something I think, “Okay, I need to concentrate on this.” But then something new is thrown into the pot and I feel overwhelmed. I’m yammering on and on. Sorry, I’m not sure what I want to say, except that what you’ve written here touched my soul and I thank you for it!