Apr 102000

Palden (see Tulkitoes) mentioned the first Hundredth Monkey Retreat which he and Sheila held in August 1995. There were 120 people doing meditation and growth-work with the aim of sending inner aid to world crisis zones and to help nurture positive world change. As it happened he says, the ‘Bosnian’ war stopped on the very […]


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Apr 092000

When I transcribe this, I will be in Bombay. Right now I am sitting on the west-side on the verandah in our country house. The morning sun does not reach here. It is shady and cool. The ‘gaonty’ mango tree has put one cluster of fruits almost within the reach of my outstretched hands. From […]

Good Earth Luck

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Apr 042000

Monday was a busy day. Had e-mail from Rajeesh (rajeesh@vsnl.com) wishing me Good Earth Luck and offering to enrich my life with Feng Shui. Remembered Nobel House by James Clavell. This magnificent novel plays in Hong Kong. It gave me my first introduction to Fung Sui. Never mind the spelling. It’s the same thing.

To Get Results

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Mar 152000

On March 01, 2000 I read the message posted by Dennis Allen. Today, fifteen daily Reiki sessions and five journal pages later, the importance of one particular sentence has suddenly dawned on me. The Primary action that will get you results in these new times is simply to share the most powerful insight you own […]

Hark, Hark the Angels Sing

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Mar 152000

Re-reading an article shared by Dennis Allen talking about his experience of practical spirituality (see other shared writings) I finally decided on A Course in Miracles. Do I need it? I will let my Higher Self answer this question.

Mar 152000

Bob, who visited our practical spirituality forum, says after his first Reiki treatment he gets warm sensations. Also, he has been told to walk in a labyrinth. Is this normal, he asks, and what can he expect? Susan has already assured Bob that things are progressing normally.


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Mar 082000

Remember? My friend Anu is giving me the twenty-one day Reiki course. Reiki is a cleansing and healing process, where hands are laid and energy is channeled. Later today will be the tenth session. Here is the interim report of the first nine days:


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Feb 262000

(Thank you for being here with us on this planet continued) Clicked on http://www.lichtinsel.ch and explored the Angel Cards. In four rows, there are nine cards each, face-down, thirty-six in all, with instructions: ‘click on one of these cards to find out which Angel is currently accompanying you. If you cannot decide, gaze on the […]

Thank you for being here with us on this planet

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Feb 262000

Does this happen to you too? There are times when time stands still. Nothing moves. Nothing happens. You are waiting for something and you don’t know what. And then a door opens, a new path appears.

The Brown Forest

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Feb 102000

Before I was before the brown forest I was before the ancient peaks Before the stars Before the darkness Before water and ice Wind, scent and flavor Birth and Death. Past, Present and Future. I was before as I will always be A center of consciousness In the divine sea of Life.

Dear Beverley, dear Terry

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Feb 032000

Dear Beverley, dear Terry, You both visited while I was away. (Briefly in hospital – I’m fine now.) Thank you dear friends for your entries into the guest book. Yes, Beverley, there are many things yet to be done for making it a better world. How glad I am you found Resurgence!

Jan 242000

This continuing story is shared by Gary Douglas Smith Here is a short recap of my experiences with God. As I write, I am 31 years old. The day after my 31st birthday, while in quiet, I heard a clear, distinct voice. There was no mistaking this voice; it was the voice of God. God […]

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To Give

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Jan 222000

Stan will remember my struggle to make it to the Chess Message Board. Whatever I tried, Yahoo did not admit me. 1999 – July, August, September, October went and still “no admission”. Several friends and several experts tried but no luck. By August I had already realized there were some forces at work preventing my […]

Be Happy Anyway

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Jan 222000

This meditation is shared by Michael Levy How do we deal with the jealousy that haunts our lives and what does it take to make us happy? “It is OK for you” is a taunt that has become quite natural for us to say to successful happy people. No matter where we are in this […]

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To Give

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Jan 202000

This translated meditation is shared by Victor This may be a bad translation, but it is something I’d like to share with you for it has brought great insight into my life. It is a message that’s been delivered to me every time at work, at school, and in my family. To Give Every person […]

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Choose to Make a Difference

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Jan 172000

This morning a friend sent me an essay written by a Columbine student. The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; we spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less.

Letter to Mesine

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Jan 122000

Dear Mesine, Thank you for your amazing message posted in my guest book. You make me wonder how you found my site and what I did to offend you. Please forgive me. Lets have this heart to heart chat and see whether we can salvage Love and Light in our relationship.

Jan 102000

Today I would like to pass on to you the words with which, in the summer of 1979 in Bombay, the Danish Painter Arne Pjedsted Salomonsen introduced his paintings. Art is a dream made reality, the dream is a reality not yet understood

Jan 052000
Huna Prayer for Perfect Health

Happy New Year! We managed to be wide awake to greet the Year 2000 and again joined the midnight celebrations in New York the next morning on TV. 2000 began well. Found a cartoon website. Here are two samples: