love and fear

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Apr 222001

Falling in love and at the same time being seized with fear is not an unusual combination of feelings. It’s more like an intensification of my “normal” condition because fear seems to be a constant background noise in every activity in which my mind engages. The intensified feelings of a lover only make the need […]

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Teaching Parents

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Mar 192001
Teaching Parents

The question I am most often asked is: “What shall we teach our parents?” There is no easy answer, because parents believe it is they, who are responsible for our performance on the potty, in school, in college and in marriage. We must remember that parents are insecure adults, who live in a world, which […]

The Buddhas of Bamiyan

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Mar 062001

Today I felt need to visit Lichtinsel, the island of light and draw myself an Angel Card, to find out which angel accompanies me right now. You never guess! When I turned the card I was faced with the Guardian Angel of Maturity. This angel (the lesson says) helps us to become wise human beings, […]

Just Stop and Say Hello

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Feb 142001
Just Stop and Say Hello

The first e-mail of the day came from my niece Farida, settled in Australia who sent me a verse shared by a friend: May today there be peace within you. May you trust God that you are exactly where You are meant to be. I believe that friends are quiet angels who Lift us to […]

Feb 142001
Amazing Grace

Yesterday my day started with a real good old fashioned belly laugh. Received the current issue of Seeds of Joy and opened a few pages. Made a note of two Dr. Albert Schweitzer quotations: Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, You […]

Man is Blind to Those Unlike Him

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Feb 082001

This article is shared by Tom Hall If we can understand a saint, then we can understand a man. And if we can understand a man, then we can know how he ought to behave and how he was meant to behave. What is the one characteristic that all saints have in common? Not piety […]

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Jan 312001

On Friday, 26 January 2001, at 08.46 local time, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 shook North-Western India. We had left for our country home and did not feel the tremors that scared Bombay residents. Near the epicenter at least twenty-thousand people have died. The economic damage runs into billions. The after-shocks continue.

Jan 052001
Promise at Dawn

My bathroom shelf is a mini-library. There I keep old books I might want to re-read, and this is how I found Romain Gary’s Promise at Dawn. This book was published in Great Britain in 1962 and I must have read it soon after.