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At some point during our lifetime, our soul prompts us to ask, “What is my purpose on earth?” We start looking for answers as our curiosity grows.

It seems that society is gradually becoming more receptive to spiritual concepts. Interest in New Age, Spirituality, and Divinity is flourishing. There is a deep thirst for spiritual knowledge.

We all come to earth to fulfill a great number of tasks. We have a responsibility towards the material world and we have to fulfill it. It is misleading to pretend otherwise. There is absolutely nothing wrong in meeting the challenges that confront us in our daily lives.

However, don’t forget the fact that you have a soul that needs nurturing. In order for you to be able to keep up with your daily worldly activities, you have to learn to receive guidance from your soul. There are three elements in a human: body, mind, and soul. All three must be encouraged.

The reason we come to earth is to grow spiritually. Each individual has a certain mission to fulfill. The type and level of the mission is unique for each individual. God continues to send us messages everyday of our lives. The key is for us to focus on spiritual growth.

Here are some spiritual concepts that can enhance our spiritual and personal growth.

A Little Forgiveness Goes A Long Way
If you are looking for a way to encourage your spiritual growth dramatically, God has given your soul an instrument to do so. It is called forgiveness. Sooner or later, we have to learn to forgive. The wheel of karma turns forever. The law of karma states that every action has a consequence. One way to escape from this tedious cycle of cause and effect, birth and death, is to use the power of forgiveness

Material and Spiritual Love
We come to earth to experience the different facets of love. The entire universe revolves around various forms of love. The more affection we bring to existence, the more we will receive. Love starts in a physical realm and then blossoms into a spiritual realm. Before we can experience the spiritual bliss of God, we must experience love on a smaller, human scale.

Suffering: A Blessing in Disguise
Suffering can take place because of many different reasons. You don’t always suffer because of past karma. During periods of suffering, you explore the depths of your soul. The divine is hidden inside the heart. There are many layers of suffering that we must penetrate in order to develop spiritually.

The Power of Silence
When all thoughts cease, spiritual experience takes place. Jesus Christ said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” The only way to get a glimpse of this kingdom is to go silently inside your self. You cannot approach this kingdom busily talking. You must let go of all thoughts and words first.

The Law of Karma
Karma means actions. The law of karma is a universal system that is based on the concept of cause and effect. The law of physics states that every action produces an equal reaction. The law of karma works on the same principle. Positive karma encourages progress of the soul, and negative karma hinders the progress of the soul. Karma can also mean the choices or decisions that one makes through free will. Throughout our lifetime, we are engaged in a series of choices.

Loneliness and Aloneness
Loneliness and aloneness are opposites. Loneliness is a negative state of mind; aloneness is positive. One leads you to misery and depression. The other leads you to bliss, eternal freedom, and enlightenment. Fear and insecurities manifest themselves in the form of loneliness. We constantly rely on others to keep us entertained. Loneliness is very harmful to our soul. Until we are able to transform loneliness into aloneness, we will depend on the material world to fill the gap of loneliness.

Mohmood Valimohamed is the author of “Book of Wisdom” and “Gems For Your Soul”. Mohmood’s main objective is to show different paths for spiritual and personal growth. His free newsletter “Gems For Your Soul” is published monthly and is available online at www.centerfordivinity.com. He loves to answer questions and can be emailed at info@centerfordivinity.com.
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  5 Responses to “What Is My Purpose On Earth?”

  1. hello of coarse everyone has a purpose for some people they allready know there purpose other dont need to know and there are the odd few that get told their purpose when they NEED to know not when they WANT to know

  2. it is not our choice but gods choice why we humans inhabits the world. for me , it is an absolute mystery. and for That we have nothing of purpose but to
    PRAISE GOD for he gives us sometime to visit one of most beautiful creation which is the earth and humanity.

  3. Why we are here is a question explored by sadly a minority of individuals, the majority are willing to simply accept their day to day being and slowly decay into dust, never having contemplated why they were placed onto the earth. Whether or not this is a bad thing who knows, we are not all thinkers, this is true, however spirituality is not simply for the intelligensia but for all of man kind. Furthermore it is nor just for the religious, there are plenty of people who do not believe in God and therefore ignore the basic questions which religion teaches you. My message therefore is whoever you are and whatever your background take time to delve into your ownself and your purpose in life and you will find life itself more rewarding.

  4. Don’t ever be afraid of who you really are inside of you, once you discover yourself. If you realize you don’t want to be who you are face your problems and with the help of everyday you can become the person you want to be.

  5. i realy want to know more on spiritual growth ann how to communicate with mind of other positively.