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Thanks for your comments.

I love the media and advertising. (I studied media and cultural studies at university). I believe the media has such wonderful potential to express good.

I’ve checked out your website. I think it’s brilliant stuff. I’m also a huge fan of meditation which helped me to self-realise. I’m sure what you’re offering will inspire many.

Thanks for all that you’re doing and being, Shiva.

With love,

By: Shiva Botez Sun, 11 Jan 2009 22:56:00 +0000 Hi Enocia. Nice name: ) I was looking for a source of inspiration for a paper I have to write called ‘advertising and spirituality’ and found your article. Reading this, I felt intrigued of reading more. I’ve read about 6-7 articles now and I enjoyed them all. I could connect with some things you’ve said here. I like the way you see things and relate to them. I just want to share with you, using this opportunity, the thing that gave me my self realisation, the ability to better comprehend reality as it is and to clean the mirrors of my perception, it’s called Sahaja Yoga, , have a look, maybe it will add more to what you already know. My best whishes to you and give me a reply with your thoughts about it, I’d definetely like to know what you think.