Comments on: Another Day in Paradise the practical spirituality of unconditional love Tue, 27 Jul 2010 11:12:14 +0000 hourly 1 By: Betty Sat, 24 Jul 2004 12:00:25 +0000 There is alot to be said about “Power to share”.

This subject alone has left an opening to anyone receiving through their free will choosing that fact of remaining just that, accepting that, stimulates other inward things our spirit holds in place and doesn’t reveil any of its packaged abilitys or how profound contents are within…..

this is a key moment to make a point of. what exactly does happen at this one type of moment in an individual is never the same reveiling power from anyone else, but its profoundly wonderful, fulfilling contents will only allow us to be blind and lead ourself on the road through where impacts from fearing unknown things without some idea of its contents establish a negitively ajusting method for fooling the user into seeing it totally without its required amount of consiterate careful thought before its parts reviel for you the contentment and sureness only received by its pursuit in such provoked and articulatedly planed process its outcome can be profound in itself with what it provides you when your acceptance of it as the only truth of it, becomes its reality you face,
Power is reveiled!
how its “powerful supplys” of

a “provoking”, and “enlighting”,
“spiritually awakening”,
“Powerful influence” which ever way you put it into prospective to imagine it as such it provides packed up Punch.

make sense so far? confused? or how ever your emotions are left dealing with what may be provoked by this read I type out……just be open to unexpected or/and unexplaned or unbelivable that may be imaginable to you. And first understand your heart needs you to let it be leading you. then when you can feel that, begin to consiter this;
“Mind Over Matter”
The Power of the Mind.
The Mind’s Eye.
The third Eye.
Psycic eye


so “awakening” this experience type is, that most of the population continually jump to wrong conclusions. very few exceptions sad to say.
It will always be easier to see the easyer way to proceed. always a simple rought ahead, “OR SO YOU ASSUMED THAT WAS TRUE –no futher thoughts required—NOT!!!

I admit doing that probably many more times than I could guess, before I was to experience this area where believing the Mind has no boundrys at all. Except the ones we place all by our self …..its alittle tuffer and more work on our part is required without exceptions, to correct that and achieve a most positive provokingly and profound devise of such a full compassion spills out onto others in time at will of provider. there is no limits as to where and what this inspirational tool we are provided inside us for unlimited possibilitys to promote the best you can become and make the positive impact which alters changing lifes in greater ways without allowing any less than that as what your willing to provide for this to become what is true, real and achievable all while observed by those few who have their own roads God provided them for achieving excellence through doing 100% their best, without any exceptions. Period. this must be a fact and you must be its proof. then you will become exactly what God intended you to become.

with that said, a negitive pathway, blinders plastered
skillfully with regularly practiced ways to expand denials of all kinds,,,,,which creates the habit. its repeted so offten, that denial will even go so far as to profoundly defend itself against itself, which blocks reality and truth which are the two things we have to accept to find God. or even to Love ourself, so we can love our nabour the same as ourself.

sorry it got long, but it provokes my mind to think and share.. God bless! Have a wonderful day