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By: Enocia Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:31:35 +0000 Hi Susan et al

There was a postscript to this migraine experience. It turned out that a dear friend of mine had a migraine around the same time. The next day she checked her mail to see whether I had sent her any articles that would inspire her to not blame herself for the headache and my experience was exactly what she needed to hear. There are some teachings that make you feel as if you are to blame.

I had another aura the other night signifying another migraine attack. I quickly realised my identity as Energy and it dissolved into energy.

Appreciate your comments though Susan.

Love Enocia

By: Susan Kramer Thu, 28 Oct 2004 21:04:29 +0000 Dear Enocia and Readers,

This essay reminds me of a similar occurrence I have had with migraines – each of my several migraines over the past 30 years have happened 5 days after the death of a close friend or relative. My opinion is these migraines were a pent-up release of emotional energy.

Blessings, Susan