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In this article I’m saying that when you are in presence of Love described in Psalm 91 as “the secret place of the most High…[and the]…the shadow of the Almighty,” there is no need to have other thoughts outside of this Love, it is about trusting that Love will take care of you whatever the situation.

The soldiers in the battleground were expected to feel fear but they didn’t because they knew that they were in the presence of Love; they were not fooled by appearances of guns and bombs and whatnot.

The Almighty in Psalm 91 does the job when you let it. If you have doubts or are struggling, it means you are not trusting and whatever you have in your imagination may take over. The man I cited from the Joel Goldsmith book let his imagination take over instead of trusting that Love is all there is and that the nature of Love is its oneness, therefore, nothing can oppose Love.

Hope this makes sense.

Lots of love,

By: Jo Hamer Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:59:42 +0000 I am struggling with using Psalm 91. Are you saying that the effectiveness of the Psalm depends upon the original thoughts in the users mind? I think that soldiers in a battleground would be fearful? Can you help me to understand this please?