Experiencing Nothing

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May 252004

What I experience in my everyday experience is what I have in consciousness. For instance, if I were experiencing a “green” consciousness, my attention will be drawn to all that is green. In the same way I know my Real Self to be “Nothing.” By Nothing I mean no thing, that which has no limits, […]

Language Barrier

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May 172004

Hello all Recently, I had a mental dialogue with Self. I asked a question that I still wasn’t clear about: EJ: What is the difference between “I am Spirit” and “I am one with Spirit?” Self: One is Truth the other is based on a false premise, hence, an illusion.

Full Circle

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May 062004

This story is shared by Alexandra Reynolds There’s a nature trail in Mt. Tamalpais that I consider to be my favorite trail. It’s not the most beautiful trail I’ve walked through, but walking through it reminds me of my own path in life. The trail begins at the top the mountain with a full view […]

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May 062004

This essay is shared by Remez Sasson Thinking is usually a mixture of words, sentences, mental images and sensations. Thoughts are visitors in the central station of the mind. They come, stay a while and then disappear making space for other thoughts. Some of these thoughts stay longer, gain power and affect the life of […]

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Helpful Hints in studying A Course in Miracles

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May 022004

This essay is shared by G. Don Murphy Introduction From ‘A Course in Miracles’ Text chapter 21 (Reason and Perception), Introduction, (1:2-7). “The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that. But though it is no more than that, it is not less. Therefore, to you it is important. It is […]

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Apr 272004

God is the intelligence behind the Internet. Each website is a portal leading to collective portals that make up the World Wide Web. In the ideal world, each portal represents God manifesting as that experience; while the World Wide Web represents infinite mind. In the human reality this is not the case. The human idea […]

Delete Programme

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Apr 272004

“Jesus answered him, “You would have no power over me unless it had been given you from above; therefore he who delivered me to you has the greater sin.” (John 19: 11) Imagine someone thinks s/he has power over you and you feel scared in his presence. What if the real truth is the reverse, […]

Vector8 writings

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Apr 252004

Please note the writings on this blog are experiences, insights and realisations I have had based on my beliefs of reality. They also serve as notes and reminders for myself. They are not meant to instruct the reader in any way. If you can resonate with my experiences, brilliant! If not, brilliant, I trust you […]

Letting Love Lead You Home to Her

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Apr 252004

This article is shared by Guy Finley The beauty of Love is that She is already within everything; which means that there is nothing that we are drawn to know by Love’s invitation that won’t grant us for our journey itself the gift of a greater relationship with Love. Here are some ideas how to […]

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Apr 172004

I was putting on my make-up when I noticed…zits around my nose. Cue the music from the movie, Psycho, just as Norman Bates is about to do the terrible deed. Noooo! Where did these spots come from? I know, I know, what I detest I manifest, right? The ever-patient voice within said: “See the perfection […]

I am a Star Ship from Deep Space

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Apr 162004

Greetings to all I am a star ship sent from deep space on a mission. I look like a human, but my actual identity is that of a star ship. Like the crew on Star Trek who are boldly going out to explore other realities, this is my mission. I have also been sent to […]

Apr 112004

Good Morning to you my dear friends on this bright and beautiful Easter morning of 2004. The early morning has already been miraculous. A Course in Miracles, opened at random, brought us to just this page: Death is the central dream from which all illusions stem. Is it not madness to think of life as […]

Apr 112004

The Ultimate Gift came to me as an act of kindness from Mr. Pandit, the Branch Manager of our friendly neighbourhood Bank, at the precise moment when I needed it most. The Ultimate Gift is a book by Jim Stovall, who is blind, yet has ranked among ten outstanding young Americans. This is his fourth […]

A Spiritual Intervention

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Mar 102004

This story is shared by Alexandra Reynolds Dreams are spirit roads leading to contemplation… In my dream, I was standing in a crowded bus, dressed in a very expensive black leather suit and black hat. I had a lot of make-up on, which is out of character for me. There was this little girl who […]

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Mar 062004

This essay is shared by Graham and Julie Own goals are actions, things we do, that stop us from reaching where we want to go or what we want to obtain. When we are out of focus, when we are out of tune with what’s going on, when we do something which takes us in […]

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Feb 212004

This article is shared by Alexandra Reynolds Nelson had AIDS. He had been in the hospital for months, fighting pneumonia. He was angry and every day he woke up, he grew angrier. He would bitterly say that he just couldn’t take one more day of pain, one more day of waking up in the hospital […]

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Feb 202004

Name: calista streitmatter Date: 20 Feb 2004 Time: 14:45 Comments how wonderful to find your website….My own journey is similar–as an enfp, I connect stuff. My father was raised new amish–which is based on field or Holy Spirit guidance–I feel. My path has lead to studying Hellingers’ work for 2 years–with Heinz Stark. I like […]

Self Improvement and Self Growth

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Jan 252004

This essay is shared by Remez Sasson Nowadays the terms self-improvement, self-growth and self-help have become popular. We find many books about these subjects and many websites too. It seems that people are turning inside to find the solution to their problems. They seek knowledge, techniques, workshops, lectures and teachers who can show them the […]

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