Mar 052005

This article is shared by Max DeJong Money itself has no power or advantages whatsoever. It is the commonly agreed upon illusion that it represents value, therefore it was given power and we all agreed to sustain its status. Logic declares that one piece of green paper of the same substance cannot outweigh the value […]

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Regarding relationships

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Mar 052005

This article is shared by Max DeJong Beware to look for a role model in others. The only person that is qualified to be your advisor is yourself! The prime directive that is considered the basic for all relationships is: “Respect for each other’s FREEWILL.”

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Death – a great spiritual teacher, indeed!

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Feb 242005

In the morning of the 4th of July 1977 I was waiting for someone on the roadside. For the last few days my sleep had been reduced to only four hours, because in the early morning hours I used to lay awake thinking about different aspects of whatever was happening in the world. At that […]

The Truth is not "out there" …

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Feb 232005

It’s there where it always has been… INSIDE us! This article is shared by Max DeJong It might look strange when life hits us as a being and we wake up as a crying child facing the first impressions inside a body. Nonetheless it is what we have done, the moment we enter the game […]

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The Secret of Eternal Youth is…er…Travelling By Bus?

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Feb 212005

“I Am is the present tense for all time.” Christ in You Life is so simple. The answers are always right under your nose if you can be bothered to stay still for a moment. If you’re looking for complicated answers, you will miss the simple answers. It has been my observation that the answer […]

Painting from the Heart

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Feb 212005
Painting from the Heart

Painting from the heart means you allow the brush to move and the paints to mix without involving the intellect. The “picture” eventually evolves in the eyes of the beholder – and the longer you look the more you will see. The interesting thing here is that you too can paint pictures from the heart. […]

Earth Changes

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Feb 212005
Earth Changes

My friend Neeta tells me that her channels predict vast earth changes. This, coming in the wake of the Tsunami, seems scary. But then remember, fear is the absence of love, and when you do remember, you will find there is nothing to fear. Last night I found the book I wanted to lend to […]

Life is a Kabaddi game

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Feb 082005

The world is full of opposites. Virtues as well as vices prevail in life. Wisdom lies in not indulging in either. Until we realise our limitations of body and mind and happen to hold the hand of God or a saint to lead us, it is not possible to attain perfect peace of mind.

Who is Pulling Your Strings?

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Feb 012005

“As I’ve said before: You’re always the puppet of something. Either you’re the unresistant Presence of God Expressing Himself. Or you’re the unresistant presence of the definitions you and everyone else have made up – … either privately, or together. You’re either being the expression of memory – or you are letting yourself Be the […]

Virtual Reality Cannot Harm You!

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Jan 042005

Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.” (Ecclesiastes 7: 29) The wonderful thing about being human is freewill. We are free to think. We are free to experience life how we choose. This way we can work out through our actions what experiences […]