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On the bus the other day, I noticed the woman beside me had a lovely handbag.

“I love your bag,” I said.
“Thank you, I won it in a raffle,” she said.
“That was lucky!” I smiled.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be lucky or have luck.

Just before I left this morning my mother asked me if I could take her prescription to the pharmacy at the local supermarket. She said she would pick up the tablets later. I told her I was going in the opposite direction unless she didn’t mind me leaving the prescription later in the afternoon. She told me not to worry and she would take the prescription herself.

After a few minutes I thought to myself, “What if my mother’s request is telling me something? Is it possible the library I intend to go to is closed for some reason, which means I should be going in the opposite direction? That would make it a lot easier to run my mother’s errand.” I told mum I had changed my mind and I would take her prescription for her. She confirmed that she would be picking up her tablets later.

As I walked to the local bus station I had a thought. After customers have left their prescriptions, the pharmacists usually give customers receipts which they must have with them to collect their tablets. My mother is not going to be able to pick up her tablets if I have the receipt with me. So I went home and told mum what I’d just thought. She could see my point. She said she would take the prescription to the pharmacy herself.

I decided to head to the library I intended to go to before my mother’s request. As I approached the bus station, I noticed the bus I wanted was already leaving. It took a while for the next bus to arrive.

At some point during my bus journey, I noticed five guys running to catch the bus at the nearest bus stop, which was three blocks away. I thought the only way they could catch the bus was either if there were many passengers waiting at the bus stop, or if they could fly. In any case, why would anyone run for a bus if they can fly? Having said that, I’ve seen many pigeons walk up and down stairs; I’ve even seen pigeons walking across roads and they’re meant to have wings.

But I digress.

At the bus stop there was only one passenger waiting. As soon as the bus driver was about to pull away, a passenger in a wheelchair told the driver he wanted to get off. This meant the driver had to pull the bus closer to the pavement so the ramp could be let out. While this was going on, I thought about the guys I saw running and wondered if they were catching up on the bus. The first guy arrived and he beckoned his friends to catch up. By the time the passenger in the wheelchair got off and the driver let the ramp back in, all the guys had caught up with the bus.

“That was lucky!” I said to the passenger next to me.
“I was thinking that too,” the lady said. “They were so far away I thought they would have given up by now.”
“Lucky for them that guy decided to get off when he did, huh?”

Is it possible that what people call “luck” is simply the ability to connect to the One Will in the Universe? I guess if we all want to be lucky, we need to realise there is only one Will in the first place.

Of course, when I arrived at the library, it was business as usual. It would seem that my journey had been delayed purely so I could witness luck in action.

I believe luck is where one’s intention intersects with the one Will of the Universe.
I am Luck.


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  25 Responses to “What is Luck?”

  1. this is the greatest articls i ever read in my life thank u Enocia,
    and i,m about to read the rest of your articls please give us more of your dreams and thoughts please.

  2. Thank you, Sooqa for your kind comment. I’m so glad you found the article helpful.

    Be lucky. :-)

    All my love,

  3. I have been trying to understand what luck is all about. When I arrived in Texas in mid-November 2007, my daughter gave me a mobile phone with the number 5126….At that time the jackpot for Mega Millions was $70 millions and I thought I could use the phone number to generate a set of five numbers which could possibly be 51 26 5 12 6 plus an additional number to be chosen. But I thought it could not be that simple and therefore did not place a bet on this set of numbers which happened tbe the jackpot numbers for that draw. Guess I was not so lucky then……

  4. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Funnily enough I was discussing the lottery yesterday with my mother. I said that if winning is simply about satisfying one’s whims and doesn’t benefit others then it might end up being a curse.

    My mother told me about watching a documentary about a woman who won millions of Pounds who is now so unhappy because all her friends and loved ones have forsaken her. My mother said she looked so miserable. Apparently, the lottery company had advised her not to go public when she won but she didn’t listen. The woman receives thousands of begging letters.

    Is it possible that you didn’t play the lottery because you knew you weren’t ready to receive it?

    With love,

  5. Hi Enocia,

    Thanks for your comments. First of all, I won’t know what to do with so much money if I had won. I am a very thrifty person who literally lives on bread and water and a can of tuna fish daily. And some cheap vegetables too.

    I know that those who are wealthy normally suffer from a superiority complex and tend to be power hungry. One notable exception is Zell Kravinsky of Philadelphia, USA, who has so much love for mankind that he gave away not only most of his wealth but also a kidney to save a poor black woman. I am nowhere as compassionate as he is.

    Yes, what your mother said about the unhappiness that befell the “lucky” woman in the documentary occurs in most cases of people striking it rich through the lottery. No matter how much that woman gave away to her friends and relatives, they would never be satisfied and would come back for more. Such is the nature of greed.

    Strangely, wealthy people normally wish to increase their wealth and tend to forget about basic human values of kindness and charity. Money is usually not enough no matter how much they have. Greed is always a big problem in this materialistic world.

    Yes, money is a curse in my opinion too. It is better to be blessed with good health than to be blessed with material wealth. After all, how much do we really need to stay alive with a reasonably comfortable life? Not much, I think, if we are healthy physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually (the PIES of well being).

    With love

  6. Hi Steve,

    I don’t believe money is a curse. Money, intrinsically, is neither good or bad. It’s how you use it that counts. Someone could use their fortune to bless many people. Another could devote all his wealth to something he loves doing like collecting art. If that gives you a lot of pleasure then why not? Someone else who is wealthy could be living in fear because he’s frightened it’s going to be taken away from him.

    I believe it’s important to be Love then you’re always true to yourself whether you’re wealthy or not.



  7. The Dictionary defines luck as: Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

    I ve come to my own personal definition after studying some statistics and I would define luck as: “A very rare event (meaning that the probability of that event happening is very small) that might affect somebody either negatively or posivetely.” For example When you get lucky you are just witnessing and being part of a rare event that affected you positevely. And the same for when you get bad luck, you are not hoping to be affected by that small probability of that rare event happening but sometimes we are.
    Another example: Let’s say you are going to play the lottery and lets assume that the probabilities or chances of you wining with only one entry are 1 in a million, the probability of you wining are so very, very, very small that if you happen to win you would say that you got very, very, very lucky. Now lets say that you really want to win the lottery and decide to spend all of your savings which are $900,000 in order to cover all the possible combinations in a lottery game that would give you a prize of 200 million dollars, but lets say that the $900,000 amount is good to cover only 999,999 of the 1,000,000 combinations that you need but you still decide to play because you are only missing 1 combination. You can be 99.9% sure that you’ll win but there is still that very, very, very small probability that you won’t win even spending all that money, and that would be an example of extremely bad luck if you don’t win. Do you get the point?

  8. Thank you for your interesting commentary, Mr Luck.

    Be lucky! 😀


  9. dont make luck so complicated .. luck is just “the uncertainity of life…”

  10. Thank you so much, Ankush, for sharing your uncomplicated view of luck.

    Be lucky! :)

  11. Hello

    My really lovely girlfriend and I (We’re soon to be married – wish us luck!) woke up this morning and had a bit of a late breakfast including some fresh orange juice.

    We started talking about our friend Benjamin. He really likes Poker, which of course he thinks is not all about luck at all but in fact we all know it is a bit isn’t it.

    We started talking about luck and all the different lovely (and sometimes not so lovely!) ways luck can approach you.

    Then we decided to investigate the internet using our computer that a friend of ours who was throwing it out because it was very old and didn’t really work, but we thought we might be lucky and took it out of his bin in the morning of the day the rubbish men arrived. We were at his house looking after his cat for a couple of days while he went away on business as he does from time to time working as an insurance representative of a very well known bank. As it happened the computer did not completly work and we had to buy some hardware to get it going again but it was still much cheaper than buying a new one! On the internet we found this website and we thought just how lucky we were to be talking about luck as well as everbody on here.

    Stay lucky :)


  12. luck is some thing else its depend that where you born. if you born in middle class family or in lower family so in this condition a person are going to get luck but lot of people will get hurt and did not find luck my opinion is that that where you born if a person born in a rich family so he or she get lot of needy things by born luck he or she get it that. so most of luck comes that where you born?

  13. What a lovely story, Michael. Thank you for sharing. All the very best with your girlfriend.

    May Luck always be a lady to you. :-)

    With love,

  14. Thanks for your thoughts, Furgan. Wishing you love and happiness.


  15. enocia i think that u must be living happy and love life i got so happy and i have seen in my life 1st time that some one living lovely and happy. still i am searching luck i say to all please tell me about luck from where it comes and how we will find it.

    furqan mir

  16. Hi Furqan,

    The luck I know about is the Love that I am, that we all are. I have observed that Love is the Magician that works wonders. The way to activate the Magician is to be love i.e. love who you are, do what you love, love what you do, love life, love everything and just love, love, love. Alternatively, just believe in Love/the Magician.

    Why not test it out for yourself, Furqan? You might get lucky. :-)

    By the way, there’s a brilliant book called “Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind” by Al Koran which you might find interesting.

    All my love to you, Furqan.


  17. The me of me which you see is not me
    Because this me has been given to me
    By someone who is not me-
    So I am walking in this world as a stranger.

  18. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Furqan.

    This is how I see it: the me that you see is me. It is all me. I am no stranger to the world because the world is me in form.

    With love,

    Of Course I am My Body!

  19. Thank you so much, Ankush, for sharing your uncomplicated view of luck.

  20. Hi enocia!
    I love this arcticle,
    I am doing a speech on luck and I was wondering if you could maybe give me some good points I could touch on. As well, I was thinking the point of view I would approach the topic on is how like is just an idea, an excuse for humans to make. How luck is really just science, when something happens, it was MEANT to happen. And if it doesnt then it wasnt MEANT to happen, kind of like Murphy’s Law.
    please reply soon!
    stay lucky

  21. Hi Zehb. Thank you for your comment.

    When I am inspired to write an article, it’s usually based on what’s going on with me at the time. In other words, I don’t just focus on theory; theory is very much practical as far as I’m concerned. So the article about luck was very much something that was based on how my life was unfolding at that moment.

    It’s interesting that you’re doing a speech on luck because I’ve been watching the following Reality TV show called The Speaker about the search for Britain’s best young speaker.

    You might find this article interesting. That was Lucky!

    All the best with your speech on luck.

    Stay lucky! :)

    With love,

  22. i relly love this article..

  23. I’m glad you enjoyed it Anoop. :-)

  24. There must be something that influences “luck”. When it comes to games of chance (cards, dice, etc.) I am the unluckiest person alive. I mean the probabilities just go out the window! If I NEED to roll a 7 on a pair of dice, I could roll it 100 times and not get a 7. There is no explanation for it. Now take the pressure away and I no longer NEED to roll a 7, I could roll a 7 half a dozen times in a row. Why do some people win big at the casino after numerous times of losing? There is obviously good luck and bad luck and SOMETHING has to influence it. Fortunately, I know these things and do not gamble, but it does make me wonder.

  25. Thanks, Jerry.

    Speaking of luck, after I read your comment, I read a joke a friend had emailed me about this lucky man who meets this lucky frog and changes his luck around. It has a very unexpected punch line. Did my friend’s joke about luck (which was sent yesterday) influenced you to read my article, I wonder?

    Interesting questions you’re posing. Maybe if you want something so badly you push it away.

    I was watching a TV game show recently and I had another insight about luck. It’s called What is Luck? – Revisited.

    Be lucky! If you do win big, be sure to send me a cheque. :-)