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I too have had similar experieces with Elvis. I began having many dreams and visions, and have been on a spiritual path since 1995. That was when I had a vision of Elvis. He told me that it one of his jobs “on the other side” was to help people get to their sacred space. Like you, when he is around, I notice that his songs are playing, or shows about him are on tv. I had been wanting to go to Egypt, and when it came time to go, I asked the tour company if they had a reference. They sent me the phone number of a man who lived close to me, whose name just happens to be “Elvis”. It was Elvis who spoke to me convincing me that the company would treat us like royalty. The funny part was that the name of the tour company was “Memphis Tours”. My husband said “it made sense that Elvis would choose Memphis!” – blessings, Rosaline