Does God exist?

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Feb 192008

I was pleased to receive two comments from valued readers (atheists!) of my article: Does God respond to our prayers? I introspected for a few days and then replied. These replies can be seen in the comments under the said article. In Srimad Bhagwad Gita (Chapter XI), Arjuna wishes to see the incarnated Lord Krishna’s […]

Is our life a matter of chance or does it carry some purpose?

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Feb 192008

Life may be a coincidence, scientifically, but it is certainly an opportunity from a spiritual point of view to find its real goal: knowledge of the self and universal love for the peace and pleasure of the mind. Time and again this is confirmed by numerous saintly souls. Those saints had a truly satisfying life, […]

Accusing the Supreme in disgust

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Feb 122008

It is mentioned in the Vaishnavite scriptures of Hinduism that the incarnated Lords Rama and Krishna killed many demons and sent them to the same abode as achieved by devotees. It is also mentioned that one is connected to the Lord through love, hate, enmity, or jealousy, and achieves salvation. Usually it is our natural […]

Opposites Do Not Attract

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Feb 112008

We had noted during all our journeys with these people that none of their clothing became soiled. We had remarked about this a great many times but had received no reply until this evening when, in answer to a remark made, our friend of the records said, “This may seem remarkable to you but it […]

Feb 032008

This article is shared by Debbie Edwards It’s never too late to realize your potential and achieve your dreams! Everyone reaches plateau’s in their life when they find stagnation and indecision over what their life is really about. And that’s a natural evolution in the process of becoming a master of their own craft. This […]

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Jan 292008

Earlier this month I heard that a friend had passed away from lung cancer. It got me thinking about Ultrasound treatments. What is ultrasound? “Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing.” Ultrasound There are now various kinds of ultrasound treatments. Maternity units use ultrasound based technology […]

I would have been homeless from the flood if my grandfather hadn't died

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Jan 202008

This article is shared by Debbie Edwards I never would have thought that the end of the summer in 1986 would have been such a big year for change for my family and I. I had just finished my whole elementary education in Catholic school and was ready to finally enter into the public school […]

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Your life story doesn't have to have a bad ending

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Jan 202008

This article is shared by Debbie Edwards Have you ever received a really negative or frightening reading by a spiritual advisor? I’ve encountered several people within the last few days who have shared their personal experiences in which they were given really negative, doom and gloom, scenario’s of their future to come. I knew this […]

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Healing with the I AM

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Jan 132008

When I didn’t hear my mother getting ready for church this morning, I figured she’d changed her mind. When she woke up she told me she had a splitting headache. “I’m sorry to hear that,” I said. “Thanks.” As I know my mother believes in taking tablets I said, “Have you taken anything for the […]

Jan 122008

What can I do when someone I love hurts? To be honest, my knee-jerk reaction is to try to fix them. Good grief, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my ass handed back to me for doing that. My kids are the best example. When one of my kids is hurting I […]

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Be Careful What Questions You Ask

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Jan 112008

I have observed that there is always an answer to every question; a solution to every problem. The trick is to be very careful about the kinds of questions I ask. Let’s say I ask “Why is life so difficult?” The assumption in that question is that life is difficult. The Universe has no choice […]

Living Under Grace

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Jan 112008

Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone, help. When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in any way. But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured, Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors. […]