Apr 272009

When a friend and I got on the bus she looked at her watch and muttered a few times, “I’m going to be late!” As we were chatting she relaxed and stopped fretting.

At one stop I noticed the driver was taking longer than usual to leave. I realised a passenger had tried to open the back doors by pressing the button above it, and the doors were now stuck. Drivers are not allowed to drive a bus if the doors are malfunctioning. The driver told the passenger off for messing with the doors which infuriated the passenger and he retaliated by swearing at the driver.

While the kerfuffle was going on, my friend repeated her mantra: “I’m going to be late!”

The driver came out of his cubicle and tried to fix the doors. When he tried to close them they remained open. In thought I sent love to the doors. When he tried closing them again the doors closed and we were on our way.

During the journey, my friend and I resumed our conversation.

Just before we arrived at my friend’s stop, she looked at her watch and said it was now 10.00 am. She told me that as shop manager she’s supposed to open up at 9.55. This meant, just as she had predicted, she was already five minutes late.

I believe thoughts are things and things are thoughts. Therefore, when you fret by focusing on a reality you don’t want to happen, the Universe conspires to let it happen, which on this occasion appeared as the young man messing with the doors that took about 10 minutes to sort out.

Still, it’s wonderful to see that we are all psychics.


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