Jun 172009

I have observed life provides limitless opportunities for fun and laughter, sometimes in the most unlikely places.

The other day I accompanied my mother to the hospital. At the waiting room, my mother chose where she wanted to sit and I sat next to her. There was an elderly lady sitting to my right. After a few minutes, two Asian women who had been sitting with their backs to us, decided to swap seats so they were now sitting facing us. (In the UK Asian refers to people of Indian Sub-continent origin). Both women were wearing saris.

“What’s she dressed like that for?” the woman next to me said.

“Pardon?” I said.

“She shouldn’t be dressed like that showing her stomach. She should leave that to younger girls. At her age she should be covering herself up. Some people don’t know how to dress appropriately.”

While my friend was busy ranting, I was reminded of the comedy sketch show called Harry Enfield’s Television Programme. One of his characters is called Mr You-Don’t-Wanna-Do-It-Like-That who goes around telling people what to do because he thinks he knows what’s best. To me, my friend beside me was the female version of that character. I thought she was hilarious. I was very proud of my self-restraint that I didn’t burst out laughing. I just nodded, smiled and kept my trap shut. I figured I would save my giggles for later.

After my friend had finished her tirade which, fortunately for her, the Asian women hadn’t heard, I asked her why she was in the hospital. She said she had a problem with her shoulder joint and she was having some kind of injection for it. I told her my older brother had a similar problem a while back and had an operation to have it fixed. My friend said she was coming back for another minor operation. I asked her where she lived, about her family and stuff. She turned out to be very nice to chat to. When my mother was called up, I wished my friend well.

I have to say hospitals are not my favourite places. I was so glad I met my friend who had entertained me. Then again, I should expect lots of entertainment at hospitals as they have lots of theatres, don’t they?


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