Jun 292009

I believe in the importance of being true to myself in every moment by doing what I love.

How is it possible to continuously do what you love when there are things you sometimes have to do that you don’t particularly enjoy?

Easy, just think about what you love.

For instance, I recently attended my nephew’s confirmation at a Catholic church he’s been attending since he was a child. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to but I had promised that I would be there to support my older brother and his family.

As much as I appreciate the Scriptures and have even been inspired by the Bible, I can’t get emotional over religious icons. Now if the icons were dressed as Klingons or some other alien entities that appear on the sci-fi series Star Trek, that would be a totally different matter as I LOVE Star Trek. I can even relate to a lot of the story lines. I remember how I felt when I attended a Star Trek Exhibition. Being on the bridge was like entering a shrine. That was special.

Back to the confirmation ceremony, where I was feeling like the proverbial fish out of water, I did the only thing I knew to keep me sane – I hummed Michael Jackson’s songs. While I was lost in music that I loved, I wasn’t bothered about how many times we had to get up and sit down for the different rituals. And the ceremony seemed to whizz by and was finished in no time. The most fun part of the ceremony was when people shake hands and wish each other peace.

My point is there are many ways I can still be true to myself even when I’m doing what I don’t like: I can think about what I love; or I can just be in silence.

When I’m being myself/following my heart, ordinary events are transformed into the extraordinary. In other words, when I’m resonating at the Love frequency, life is full of magic and wonder.

Thank you, Michael, for always being there for me.


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