Feb 052010

“In God’s eyes nothing is large or small. Were it not for His perfect nicety in constructing the tiny atom, could the skies wear the proud structures of Vega, Acturus? Distinctions of “important” and “unimportant” are surely unknown to the Lord, lest, for want of a pin, the cosmos collapse!” Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

I hear people on the “spiritual path” talking about surrender and letting go and letting God. How does that work in practice?

As I was waiting for a bus I noticed this young woman speaking on her mobile phone and looking at the bus timetable. When a bus arrived she was just about to get on but I had a feeling it wasn’t the right route so I asked her where she wanted to go. She said she was going to the Old Bailey. I told her to catch another bus, which happened to be the bus I was waiting for. I suggested that she asked the driver to let her know when we arrived. When our bus arrived, she asked the driver to let her know and he said she needed to get off at St Paul’s Cathedral. I suggested to the lady to sit near me as I was going near that way and I would let her know when we arrived.

The strange thing about this particular journey was I don’t usually travel that far on this bus route but as I was going somewhere different, I would be going right past where my friend wanted to get off. I also happen to know the “Old Bailey” very well as I once did jury service there.

During the journey, my friend sat behind me and continued to chat on her mobile phone. From what I could make out of her conversation, an ex-boyfriend, who is also her kid’s father, was on trial and she was going to give him support.

I was really impressed with my friend’s unwavering trust in me. In other words, my friend stopped worrying about how to get to her destination and handed control to me and let me guide her there. When we arrived near the Cathedral, I told her where to get off and pointed the way. That, for me, is a demonstration of surrender.

I woke up in the middle of last night and was dying to have a pee but I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed. So I called on Infinite Light i.e. me as Light and asked Her to remove the urge so I didn’t have to get up. My body mass changed and I felt light and no longer had the urge to pee. Then I asked Light to put me back to sleep. I was soon sleeping like a baby. That is another demonstration of surrender i.e. giving up control of my bodily functions and letting Light take over.

I believe surrender is the opposite of control. I can choose to relinquish control and trust in an Infinite Power and let the Power take control or not. I am very aware that I haven’t given up complete control of all areas but I’m working very hard at letting go. :-)

I surrender to Infinite Light.


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