Feb 042011
As I was walking by this particular park whose gates were now closed, I noticed several guys were trying to get into the park by leaping over the fence.

I was reminded of a time when I almost got stuck in that same park.

It was summer and I was taking a walk with a friend. Then we sat on a bench to continue our conversation, which went on for ages. At one point, when it was getting dark, I had a thought that it was time to leave but I dismissed the thought and continued chatting to my friend. Then I heard the Voice in my head saying: “Leave now!”

I suggested to my friend that we should leave. It was then we realised the gates were now closed. I was really annoyed at myself that I hadn’t listened to my Inner Voice the first time. How are we going to get out now?

Just at that moment, we saw two guys walking nonchalantly towards us. They didn’t seem bothered at all that the gates were closed as they intended to jump over the fence anyway. I asked for their help. One man got behind me and started pushing me from behind. When I got on top of the fence, the other man, who had already jumped over the fence, helped me down. I was so grateful for my friends for turning up at the right time. As my friend was a lot taller than I, she didn’t need any help getting over the fence.

I believe because Freedom is our nature, Freedom has already given us all the resources we need to be free and live in freedom. My intuition is one of my many resources.

So Freedom expressed through me as my intuition and as the two men who assisted me over the fence. Freedom expressed as my friend’s long legs which she used to climb over the fence. :-)

Freedom only knows how to be free and live in freedom.

I am Freedom.


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