Jun 202011

In the science fiction TV series Star Trek, Starfleet explorers from the Federation of Planets have a guiding principle they live by called the Prime Directive which prevents them from interfering with the development of other worlds and species. In other words, they don’t get involved with local politics. I believe one reason why the Prime Directive is such an important principle to uphold is because of the danger of forcing a species to develop at a faster pace that they’re not used to, ready for or prepared for. There have been the odd occasion when the crew have got involved in local politics but majority of the time the captain ensures that the crew upholds the “Prime Directive.”

I can very much relate to the principle of non-interference, and it is one that I try to live by.

When I started to explore who I really am as opposed to my conditioned self, I started seeing that a lot of what I’d been conditioned to believe were lies. My initial reaction was anger and that anger inspired me to share my discoveries. I couldn’t understand why others couldn’t see what I was seeing. Some of them even withdrew. I soon realised that one reason why people don’t change is not because they don’t want to but because they are not yet ready to change.

Imagine if I were to go to the hospital one day and start telling patients that they have the Power within them and they can make themselves better? The doctors and nurses are not going to thank me! Besides, there are millions of people whose livelihoods depend on people being sick such as doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, healers, pharmacies, scientists, insurers, lawyers, social services and many other workers in the health industry. What are all these people going to do if they were suddenly out of a job? You can’t force people to opt out of a System that they are dependent on. You have to let people unfold at a pace they are ready for, whether you agree with it or not.

What if you’re seeing people suffering, surely you can still help?

First of all, I believe Infinite Intelligence, which has the solution to all problems, is everywhere present. In other words, the Intelligence is already where the individual appears to be suffering but they are not aware of it or not open. I can help them receive the Intelligence by sending them peace. For instance, I have a friend who sometimes asks me to send him good vibes. I either wish him the best or send him “Light” and let the Light do whatever is necessary in accordance with his belief and world view.

I have no interest in interfering with how the world operates or tying to change people’s beliefs; I’m only interested in transforming myself and staying true to myself.

I will continue to share my experiences, insights and realisations just in case people find them helpful.

I believe regardless of how things are appearing all things are working out for the best.


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