SP Sharma

Jun 052012

I am a male person. I was in unique state of mind at the dead of night when I felt in an ecstasy that my body is becoming His body including mind and intellect. Soon after I wrote in my notebook: “I am dying now and in morning I shall born as a new person.” […]

Four kinds of Yogis

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May 292012

“Yoga” in the Sanskrit language means to get connected to the Self or to God. In the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita (SBG), Lord Krishna has enumerated various kinds of yoga techniques, which are related to control of the senses, almsgiving, breathe control; sacrifices of wealth, penance, self-study, wisdom et cetera. A common mind gets confused as […]

Meditation made easy

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May 052012

I met my retired boss and asked him about his routine. Oh! I feel very sleepy and soon after breakfast I go to sleep. In the morning I worship and then meditate. The whole day I think of past events, otherwise what to do? I asked him whether in meditation he was able to get […]

Apr 232012

This is the question I was asking God during the depression phase of my Bipolar disorder (BP). How God answered and what His reply was, will become clear from the following: This disease is characterized by an elevated mood, increased energy (mania) and for a few days sleepless nights. If not treated it may lead […]

Apr 102012

It was almost midnight and I was awake when I heard T…..R…..R…..R…..BHAMM like a bomb explosion in my head and then all was calm and quiet. I had written four lines in my notebook before this event: 1. My body is becoming His, gradually. 2. I am dying; in the morning I shall be born […]

Mar 162012

Fortunately we taste the world’s duality first in the form of vices and virtues, pains and pleasures, births and deaths, sadness and happiness, and these are common to all of us. All our efforts are directed towards having an ever pleasing mood and a deathless body. This wish is fulfilled when we become innocent like […]

Feb 252012

On a beach of Goa (India) female tortoises come to lay their eggs in the sand and after laying the eggs they bury them in the sand. After hatching the newborn babies run towards the sea during high tide. It is their natural instinct which drives them to home (the sea). There are many such […]

Feb 122012

Our main concern is to maintain good health and keep our mind full of positive thoughts. It is usually said that Yogasanas practiced at a young age help in maintaining good health in old age, but most of us miss it due to lack of time and interest. Our ancestors paid good attention towards the […]

Jan 292012

One evening my seven year old grand-daughter was amusing me with her jokes. Suddenly I cut her short and asked her to ask me some question about God. Promptly she put up three questions given below: Q.1. Why don’t we see God with our own eyes? Q.2. What does God do for us? Q.3. Why […]

Jan 082012

Since my retirement in November 2006 almost five years have passed. For the last 2-3 years I have been sitting in the mornings in the office of the Pensioner’s Welfare Association, where I have no work and hardly any one comes. In between for about a year I also served in the publication department of […]

Sep 042011

Yes and No. Both answers are correct, because there are two types of devotion: (1) the developmental stage of a devotee, in which devotion is developed through three practices mentioned below and (2) perfect devotion to God or love God unconditionally. While practicing devotion one may seek some favors from God in the beginning but […]

Jul 082011

It is quite common to say: ‘Thank you’, without feeling grateful, a number of times during the day. Similarly the word ‘Sorry’ is used without feeling repentant. The real situation is that we avoid the person who is doing us a favour in order not to feel small before him, and it may also be […]

You Are My Heartbeat

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Jun 252011

An old man was traveling sleeper class on a train, going on a pilgrimage. In the morning a young man asked his other co-passengers if someone had lost his purse. The old man claimed it. The young man asked: what are the contents of the purse? The old man replied that his purse had a […]

Jun 022011

In a scripture called Srimad Bhagwat we come across a story of Ajamil, the great sinner who got redemption after witnessing his brief death and then surviving for another year. The story goes like this: Ajamil was very pious and a learned scholar in his youth. While collecting flowers in the garden for the worship […]

May 212011

Our mind is bound by limits, hence it is restless but curious too. It may ponder such questions as: How big is the universe, and if it can be sized what is beyond it? No wonder that the mind which has no physical identity and whose location in the body has not been determined even, […]

Jan 292009

Realizing the imminence of his death a patient started pleading with the doctor to save him at any cost. He told the doctor that money would be no bar in organizing the best treatment available in the hope of gaining an extra lease of life. The doctor was perplexed as the whole system of the […]

Nov 122008

One of my friends has been asking: How to surrender to God? Analyzing my friend’s background, I find that he is quite comfortable economically, running a business to his satisfaction and maintaining a reasonable health at the age of 65 years. I don’t see a situation that needs his surrendering to God. He is tempted […]

Sep 032008

I tried my level best to prove my sovereignty on the basis of wealth and power. I wished to be a master commanding others. I seemed successful to some extent. But reality proved otherwise. In reality, I found that I was becoming a most dependant person and this often made me feel disgusted. The objects […]

Aug 142008

For about 7-8 months in 1989 I was all alone at a place 2000 kilometers away from my family. The first 2-3 months I practiced the repetition of the sweet names of my beloved personal God then I indulged in writing letters to my wife and posting an envelope daily. Out of 24 hours I […]

Aug 142008

I have no claim of doing any kind of practice for spiritual gains – self-realization or devotion to God, at least in this very life. The situation was created unknowingly and I had no option other than to surrender to God (Please see my article: Death – a great spiritual teacher, indeed!). This makes me […]

Jul 242008

After enjoying three relationships with the Lord (the Lord as master, friend and child, with myself as servant, friend and a parent to Him respectively) to whom I had surrendered in 1977, I came across my spiritual teacher and surrendered to Him in August 2002 for still another kind of relationship with the Lord. What […]

Jul 242008

Our passion in “I and my” represents the ego and possessiveness, and these two attitudes cause temporary mental satisfaction but result in extreme agonies. Walls of differences are caused due to such consideration. A self-realized person is aware of this fact and leaves it forever. Thus, he remains always in a harmonious mood through service […]

Jun 212008

Only two kinds of entities need your love – an innocent child and the Lord (dwelling in all, animate and inanimate, and in the form of a divine body, when perceived through a pure mind and heart). Once you happen to love anyone of these they shall demand your whole attention. In return they may […]

Jun 212008

In spite of sincere efforts one may not get, sometimes, the desired result, and it may also happen that a devotee aspiring earnestly from a saint or God may be granted the same, but it may turn out to be the worst for him. For some seemingly impossible desire we happen to pray to God […]

Does God exist?

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Feb 192008

I was pleased to receive two comments from valued readers (atheists!) of my article: Does God respond to our prayers? I introspected for a few days and then replied. These replies can be seen in the comments under the said article. In Srimad Bhagwad Gita (Chapter XI), Arjuna wishes to see the incarnated Lord Krishna’s […]

Feb 192008

Life may be a coincidence, scientifically, but it is certainly an opportunity from a spiritual point of view to find its real goal: knowledge of the self and universal love for the peace and pleasure of the mind. Time and again this is confirmed by numerous saintly souls. Those saints had a truly satisfying life, […]

Feb 122008

It is mentioned in the Vaishnavite scriptures of Hinduism that the incarnated Lords Rama and Krishna killed many demons and sent them to the same abode as achieved by devotees. It is also mentioned that one is connected to the Lord through love, hate, enmity, or jealousy, and achieves salvation. Usually it is our natural […]

Mar 132007

A curious mind becomes aware of its ignorance in the matters of: 1. From where do we come here and where shall we go hereafter? 2. Why do we come here and why don’t we remember the purpose? 3. On what account do we suffer in spite of adopting righteousness? Well, there is a story […]

Nov 282006

It is said that bread is more important for a hungry person than to think about any other aspect of life. But, spirituality is such a thing that even a man of abundance may not devote his attention to divinity, because he remains happily indulged in his materialistic pursuits. He remains happy accumulating a vast […]