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Dreams coming true – Part III

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Jul 032005

This article is shared by SP Sharma (In continuation of Dreams coming true Part I & II) In 1991 I happened to meet a very old and feeble lady of 90 years old in a village. I approached her with the intention of telling her to repeat the name of a personal God. She was […]

Looking for an eternal companion?

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Jun 262005

This article is shared by SP Sharma Each one of us needs a companion to ward off our loneliness and in whose company we may feel secure and repose our confidence fully, and enjoy as well. A mortal companion cannot fulfill such conditions forever. Worldly relations are woven with selfish motives, not easily perceivable. Hence […]

Nourishing the mind through selfless service

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Jun 072005

One can take it for granted that passing a final examination of one’s studies is half the purpose behind getting educated. Getting a satisfying career is the better half of it. Alternatively, one can begin a career based on available knowledge and while continuing the career enroll in a distant education course and attain more […]

Love first, understand afterwards

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May 302005

The worldly mind cannot think of the true meaning of love and devotion. Normally, physical love and being attached to it is taken for love. Similar is the case of devotion to God, which we are doing materialistically. Thus, common man usually is mistaken about the true meaning of love and devotion.

Understanding the essence of love

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May 302005

Love is where expectations are absent. Normally, our relations do not meet this requirement, because if we do something for someone it is in the expectation of return in some form. The expectation is the poison that, even in trace quantity, spoils the whole sweetness of our relations.

Insecurity – what remedy?

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May 232005

Most minds are infested with a sense of insecurity at some stage of life. It appears in uncountable forms and each one is so strong at a given time that it turns the mind mad. It results in a variety of ailments and moods. The effects of insecurity are not easily discernible or understandable, and […]

Existence and immortality

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May 182005

We happen to be in this world unknowingly but started liking it for various reasons. Our liking develops to such an extent that we try to prolong our life as long as possible by all means. The moment we gain our senses we start considering our body as “I” and start seeking pleasure through our […]

Dreams coming true

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May 072005

Part I During the early 1950s, when I was between 5 and 8 years old, I was staying in a scarcely populated village and vast stretches of fields seemed to meet the sky at the horizon. In the evening the whole village used to drown in darkness as the only source of light was a […]

Innocence is divine

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May 072005

In my neighborhood a girl of seven years old approached her mother with a new pencil brought from a nearby shop. Her mother asked her where she got the money to purchase it. She innocently replied, “Mummy, you only told me that the shopkeeper is ours.” This was the shop where they had an account […]

What do we want least in our lives?

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May 072005

Tension, anxiety and fear, altogether called stress and strain of life, are not desirable emotions, but they exist in most people. We don’t know how they intrude into our life and they persist in spite of all our efforts to remove them. There are situations in which we can seek the guidance of wise people […]

The spectrum of the love of God

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Apr 242005

Our relationship with God remains like that of a beggar and his donor as long as we pursue worldly objectives. Before asking favours from God we try asking them from others, but if fulfilled we hardly seek help from God. It means that for our requirements we are a beggar before others and in their […]

Apr 242005

I had opted for the National Cadet Corps during graduation and attended a camp training of 10 days during winter season. On the day I was leaving for the camp my sister at home had been delivered of a baby boy. The camp was away from my home on the outskirts of the city and […]

Paramour Love – enjoying the eternal relationship with God

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Mar 252005

Worldly relations depend on fulfilling the desires of others, approving their conventions, meeting requirements, and so on. In short, it is a selfish game of vested interests; a tug-of-war between two parties or individuals. People who hardly know Alpha and Omega of their own religion criticize the other’s religion. It is rightly said by someone […]

Death – a great spiritual teacher, indeed!

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Feb 242005

In the morning of the 4th of July 1977 I was waiting for someone on the roadside. For the last few days my sleep had been reduced to only four hours, because in the early morning hours I used to lay awake thinking about different aspects of whatever was happening in the world. At that […]

Life is a Kabaddi game

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Feb 082005

The world is full of opposites. Virtues as well as vices prevail in life. Wisdom lies in not indulging in either. Until we realise our limitations of body and mind and happen to hold the hand of God or a saint to lead us, it is not possible to attain perfect peace of mind.

Self-realisation and beyond

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Dec 222003

Our main objective in the life is to witness and develop divine love – a selfless love in ourselves. Self-realisation is the first step in this direction and it is an awakening. It is just one side of the coin. No doubt this achievement is a gateway to lead to the path of divine love, […]