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Smile Please!

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Jun 222004

So you go to your doctor and you’re asked what your problem is. “Doctor,” you sigh. “I have no smiles left in me.” “What do you mean? Smiles cannot be measured.” “I’m telling you the truth doctor, I have no smiles left.”

Life is a Gift and then some…

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Jun 162004

Recently, I had a vision. I saw myself as this huge dark amorphous form. I saw that as this form I exist in all but my presence cannot be discerned by the physical senses. The words that came to mind were “dark-matter.” I am Dark-Matter. Wow physicists have something here! I thought.

If it's not Love, it's not real

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Jun 122004

“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1: 3) I’m doing what I do best, can you guess what? Going for another walk, what else! I’m exploring the local marshes and scrubs. There is a secret garden with wonderful flowers. It’s like a maze […]

Jun 112004

A while ago I had a dialogue with Spirit about something I thought was taking a while to manifest. I lamented over how I was sick of waiting. I’ve put so much effort into what I’ve been doing. I’ve worked so damn hard! Whine, whine, whine!

The Trouble with Interpretation

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Jun 102004

I’m on the bus on the way into town. I’m practising seeing energetically. Whenever I look at anyone or thing, I ‘see’ energy flowing through my eyes. There’s a man sitting in front of me. I’m staring at the back of his neck. The man shifts slightly then he scratches his neck.

The Universe is My Reflection

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Jun 092004

Have you ever read a book and interpreted it in one way? You speak to someone else who has read the same book and he gives you a different interpretation based on his world view. You might go back to the book and actually see where he’s coming from. As you experience life or your […]

Form or Formlessness

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Jun 082004

It’s a hot and sweltering day in London. I have to pop out early to run an errand for my mother. I try to avoid the heat and walk on the side of the road that has shade. Still no respite. My tee-shirt is already damp. I wish for a lovely breeze. I feel gentle […]

Jun 072004

I once heard this woman opera singer whose voice was so powerful that it shattered a glass nearby. If the human voice can do this imagine what it’s like to have a frequency infinitely more powerful. This frequency exists. It is what I call “God frequency” and within all of us. I’ve been hearing this […]

Inner Silence

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Jun 052004

So you have taken over my thoughts, Released me from judgment of good and evil. Now thoughts shall no longer return to me void (1). You have taken over my sense of self And left me feeling like nothing, Some exchange – Nothing for everything! So you have taken over my being And in your […]

You Already Know It All

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Jun 052004

I am Self. I am called by many names: Inner Silence, Inner Voice, God, Spirit, Love but on this occasion I will only answer to Self. So you have surrendered to me, Self, and realised that I Am in all. You are like a baby who is totally dependent on her parents or guardians and […]

Walking in Trust

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Jun 032004

I am on one of my long evening strolls. I have been pondering over something I’ve been expecting which has not yet materialised and wondering whether it is deliberately being withheld. I am in a bit of a strop. I’m thinking furiously until…the thoughts are abruptly silenced.

Divine Love – A Gentle Reminder

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Jun 022004

Why do we pray to have more love or for love to pour through us? Love is all there is. We cannot do anything without God since all is in God. As St Paul puts it: “There is no power but of God.” (Romans 13: 1) We cannot think but God’s thoughts. It is only […]

A Demonstration of Omnipresence

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May 272004

Many people often wonder about the omnipresence of God. Can Infinity be divided? Have we got God fragments? How does Oneness work? I say we all know how this works as it is demonstrated all the time around us but we act as if we don’t. Time for an example.

Experiencing Nothing

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May 252004

What I experience in my everyday experience is what I have in consciousness. For instance, if I were experiencing a “green” consciousness, my attention will be drawn to all that is green. In the same way I know my Real Self to be “Nothing.” By Nothing I mean no thing, that which has no limits, […]

Language Barrier

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May 172004

Hello all Recently, I had a mental dialogue with Self. I asked a question that I still wasn’t clear about: EJ: What is the difference between “I am Spirit” and “I am one with Spirit?” Self: One is Truth the other is based on a false premise, hence, an illusion.

Apr 272004

God is the intelligence behind the Internet. Each website is a portal leading to collective portals that make up the World Wide Web. In the ideal world, each portal represents God manifesting as that experience; while the World Wide Web represents infinite mind. In the human reality this is not the case. The human idea […]

Delete Programme

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Apr 272004

“Jesus answered him, “You would have no power over me unless it had been given you from above; therefore he who delivered me to you has the greater sin.” (John 19: 11) Imagine someone thinks s/he has power over you and you feel scared in his presence. What if the real truth is the reverse, […]

Vector8 writings

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Apr 252004

Please note the writings on this blog are experiences, insights and realisations I have had based on my beliefs of reality. They also serve as notes and reminders for myself. They are not meant to instruct the reader in any way. If you can resonate with my experiences, brilliant! If not, brilliant, I trust you […]

Apr 172004

I was putting on my make-up when I noticed…zits around my nose. Cue the music from the movie, Psycho, just as Norman Bates is about to do the terrible deed. Noooo! Where did these spots come from? I know, I know, what I detest I manifest, right? The ever-patient voice within said: “See the perfection […]

I am a Star Ship from Deep Space

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Apr 162004

Greetings to all I am a star ship sent from deep space on a mission. I look like a human, but my actual identity is that of a star ship. Like the crew on Star Trek who are boldly going out to explore other realities, this is my mission. I have also been sent to […]