Oct 142003

When the pupil is ready, the Master appears. Today I am ready to see: Truth is what I am. Only when I am simply willing to accept That my own thinking power, My own proud suffering, Is not getting me anywhere near the truth, Can insight come.

The Goal

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Sep 072003

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. When I found this little wisdom at the back of an old exercise book, (noted, filed, forgotten) my thoughts immediately went to the Saraswati Community for Rural Transformation (a very worthy project of mine if […]

Aug 132003

Of late I have been using the Huna Prayer for Perfect Health. It appeals to the Beloved Presence of God, and Inner Plane Ascended Masters and the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, Beloved Holy Spirit, The MAT Healing Team, Dr. Lorphan of Sirius, Beloved Sai Baba, Vywamus, The Seraphim of Healing Angels, Lord of Arcturus, The […]

Developing Will Power and Self Discipline

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Jul 272003

This essay is shared by Remez Sasson Most people admire and respect strong individuals who have won great success by manifesting will power and self-discipline. People in all walks of life, who with sheer will power, self-discipline and ambition have improved their life, learned new skills, overcame difficulties and hardships, reduced their weight, rose high […]

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Stop Rushing Through Life and Start Living!

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Jul 272003

This essay is shared by Guy Finley Wherever it may be that we are in such a rush to arrive, we’re sure to find it a more enjoyable place if only we would dare to get there relaxed! Before you can step out of the rush and into your own life, you must first see […]

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You are Loved Beyond Measure

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Jul 242003

Some people make and keep floppies and some don’t. I am one of those who didn’t. A recent hard-disc failure destroyed all my records and writings. Yes, I am a little sad. But nothings happens without reason. Right now I will say this is my chance to start afresh.

The Other Side

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Jul 032003

This poem is shared by Andrew Pell The veil is lifted, they follow a bright light. A place of tranquillity before them appears; They see familiar faces of long ago. There is no night. A place of wonder and of rest, there are no longer any fears. You are not alone when you cross over […]

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Jul 012003

This article is shared by William Cottringer We are evolving to a point in life and work where personality power and even character power no longer suffice in helping us get to where we are going. What we are all in the process of developing now is authentic spiritual power. The Prosperity Zone is where […]

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The Crisis and the Challenge of the Christian Faith

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Jun 162003

This article is shared by Doug Soderstrom The Crisis On the surface, Christianity is, above all things, most simple. It was Jesus who said that it could all be summed up in two rather succinct phrases: Love thy God with all of thy heart, thy mind, thy soul, and thy strength. And like unto the […]

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Reap the Power in the "Invisible Eternals"

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Jun 092003

This essay is shared by Guy Finley Seen or not, everyone everywhere is looking for his or her “heaven.” Watch people closely and this search becomes terribly evident. The man seated at his desk dreaming of when he will have his life to himself; the woman at the luncheon counter trying to resolve some relationship […]

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The Media

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May 112003

This article is shared by Yaron Fishman The media (communicating factor), in all if its manifestations, can be thought of as the “Dr Frankenstein” of our world’s society. The media has caused a monstrous vibration of fear. Fear tends to surface with the faces of jealousy, anger and hatred. Much of what we label as […]

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May 112003

This essay is shared by Guy Finley Start Seeing Through the Lie of Loneliness Part I: Loneliness stalks the heart that stands outside the present moment, looking back upon itself and feeling the pain of being without a love. If only this same heart, unknowingly divided, could see that this painful loneliness is produced by […]

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How to Find the Peace Within You

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Mar 282003

This essay is shared by Guy Finley How to Find the Peace That Already Dwells Within You I would like to introduce you to some new ideas intended to help us transform these disturbing times on earth into something of great spiritual benefit. If one has any sensitivity, then one must ask: Why is there […]

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Mar 232003

This essay is shared by Graham Harris In my life I have known only three people who give unconditional positive regard all the time. All Indian, and all part of an organisation called the Brahma Kumaris. I realise that when I am in their company I feel special. I can feel the unconditionality. I feel […]

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The Opposing Self

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Mar 092003

This poem is shared by Guy Finley Seeking power, It weakens itself. Seeking fulfillment, It empties itself. Seeking control, It abandons itself.

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Jan 192003

This essay is shared by Remez Sasson The wind is blowing very strongly. The tall big trees stand erect, and do not let the wind sway them. As the wind gets stronger it breaks them up, and some trees get uprooted altogether and fall down. There are some shrubs growing near the trees. When the […]

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Frown Control

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Jan 072003

This story is shared by Mark Barrow Monday morning begins the same way it always does: me pounding the snooze button. Just give me five more minutes, I beg the alarm clock. It goes off again in what feels like five seconds. I slam the alarm clock a second time, a third time, and finally […]

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Dec 012002

This essay is shared by Guy Finley Flow With The Present Moment Into The Fullness Of The Free Mind Here’s an inner life exercise of immeasurable value. Think of these new instructions as a kind of special cleansing agent, but not as a way to improve yourself. Let me explain. When we wash a window, […]

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Always You

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Nov 102002

This poem is shared by Guy Finley Before I dream may I hope for you. Before I judge may I listen to you. Before I rush may I rest with you. Before I shout may I call on you. Before I doubt may I hear from you. Before I brag may I point to you. […]

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Where the Heart Belongs

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Oct 272002

This story is shared by Guy Finley And I saw a vision of a gleaming white castle with a narrow footpath leading up to its great white gates. This walkway — extending out from the gates as far as the eye could see — was so worn that it appeared to the eye as a […]

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The Home of Timestream

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Sep 062002

On my birthday friends called and gave me flowers and gifts and I gave them a copy of a five page article called “The Astral Planes and Other Worlds of Spirit” written by Marc Marcy. My husband’s sudden death has made everyone more mortal. This wonderful article reassures all of us not only of life […]

My Astronauts

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Sep 012002

“For those who have seen the Earth from space, and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us.” Says Donald Williams, U.S.A.

The True Nature of Peace

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Aug 302002

This article is shared by Guy Finley There can be no true Freedom for us without knowing true Peace, even though these sublime states are basically two wings on the same dove. Nevertheless, as we shall see, before we can enjoy the spiritual freedom for which we are intended, and whose heart already beats within […]

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What is spiritual awareness?

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Jul 232002

This article is shared by Greg Lawrence There are many different sounding answers all linked by a commonality. No matter what spiritual path you have chosen to walk, in order to be more spiritually aware, set aside time to strip away the unnecessary tradition or dogma and in an ultimate distillation the truth will be […]

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Jul 102002

This article is shared by Guy Finley The greatest, most abundant resource on planet Earth is also its least understood and utilized. Its unlimited supply is found virtually everywhere, anytime, and under all circumstances, even though few recognize its real value. What is this most precious collective resource? It is our relationships.

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Do you believe in what?

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Jun 132002

This story is shared by Norah Griggs Sitting happily at our table at the Health Fair, a man walks up to browse and look at our display. “Would you like to buy a raffle ticket?” we ask. “NO!” he snaps at us quickly, “I’m a Christian.”

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Spiritual Renaissance

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Jun 102002

Heritage “Heritage” is my code for a stubborn belief that if I want to eat I have to be able to grow food (or recognize eatables when I hike in the woods). I was brought up in the house-and-garden culture, and hold that anyone who wants to be a hobby gardener deserves a little space […]

Nurturing the Now

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Apr 132002

This meditation is shared by Vicki Woodyard Nurturing the Now is my concept of living in the present moment. You simply can’t be any other place or in any other time, so why try? We keep trying because the mental mechanism is geared that way. It takes a definite decision to leave pain and suffering, […]

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Apr 112002

This message is shared by Yaël and Doug Powell It Is In Giving That The Movement of Creation Is Revealed First, I held within Me, in Love, an idea, all parts suspending themselves in the sea of Love that is My consciousness. This was phase one of the “First Split,” the negative receiving energy. The […]

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Apr 092002

This article is shared by Mohmood Valimohamed At some point during our lifetime, our soul prompts us to ask, “What is my purpose on earth?” We start looking for answers as our curiosity grows. It seems that society is gradually becoming more receptive to spiritual concepts. Interest in New Age, Spirituality, and Divinity is flourishing. […]

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