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Examples of illusion
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posted by: Robert Claypool R
09/18/2003, 23:41:14

An illusion is a false interpretation of data. That is to say that when you receive the data you get from your eyes and interpret it, if it doesn't accurately reflect what's really there, that is an illusion.

Some people confuse living in the here and now with stepping out of the time dimension. There is no here and now without time.
There are those who can summon a sensation that they call the timeless
here and now, and from this, they call time an illusion.
It is the timeless here and now that is an illusion. Without time, the here and now does not exist. Just like the illusion constructed from the reality
of smoke and mirrors, the illusion of the timeless here and now is constructed
from the reality of a timed here and now in which you do not perceive the
changes taking place. Just like the blind men who did not feel the other parts
of the elephant and did not think they existed, so it is with those and the
here and now.

If time and space are illusions, then what is the reality providing the data that gets processed to create that illusion? In order for something to be established as an illusion, there first must be established a reality that results that illusion.

You can only change what is real. You can only change an illusion by changing the underlying realities. In order to change the illusion
created by the smoke and mirrors, you have to change the smoke and
There is a device that makes the illusion of a coin appear where the coin
actually isn't, but if you move the real coin, the illusion moves too.

Television is also an example of an illusion. When you see a person on the screen, there isn't actually a person there.

When people talk of the phone as sounding as if you are in the next room, that is an illusion .

There are some illusions that are caused by the playing back and processing of memories, and sometimes the person doesn't realize this.
Behind every illusion is a reality.

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